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At Conspicuous Media, we believe a well-informed customer is a good thing, not something to be feared. Sure, instead of partnering with us, you could spend thousands of hours studying the techniques and technology of the web and putting your lessons into practice. You also could teach yourself to rebuild the transmission on your car or learn how to remove your own appendix. We feel, as we’re sure you do, that some things are best left to the professionals. We also believe it’s important to work with mechanics and doctors who are willing to take the time to explain what needs to be done and why. To facilitate this end, we’ve assembled a few links to other sites we think can help you understand what all of this is about. Good luck and have fun!

Web  Site Design

HTML Goodies

Wired Magazine’s Webmonkey

A List Apart

Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Webmaster Help Center

Search Engine Watch


World Wide Web Consortium


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