Web Site Analysis Services

Conspicuous Media offers web site analysis services to businesses and organizations who want to improve their web presence. Our analysis services will analyze your overall web site and marketing plan and will evaluate a variety of issues relating to the goal of your site, including: Site Architecture, Meta Tags, Content, Link Popularity, Web Site Ranking Reports, Keyword Density, Competition Analysis, and Web Site Analytics.

A web site analysis will give you the reasons why your site is not meeting your objectives. There are many reasons why a web site is not producing desired results but most can be traced back to a problem with the three common elements that most successful web sites share: 1.) they highly visible; 2.) they are well designed so that they are visually appealing, fast loading, and user friendly; and 3.) contain compelling content that encourages visitors to stay at the site and return frequently.

The most common problem with web sites is a lack of visibility. There are really only two ways for a visitor to find a web site (assuming they don’t already know the web address): 1) Search Engines and Directories or 2) Links to your site on other web sites. If your web site is not ranking high on one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN for your targeted key phrases, your web site is lost among the millions of sites on the web.

Conspicuous Media search engine optimization services can help take your web site to the top of the search engines for your desired keywords and key phrases. Our analysis services will also analyze the links to your site out on the web. Is your site listed in web directories and other web sites that can provide you with qualified web traffic? Conspicuous Media will help to get your site listed where it can help bring you the results you are looking for.

Solid, professional web design is essential to creating a positive user experience. A site should be visually appealing, fast loading, and easy to navigate. Conspicuous Media can help make sure your site has a solid architecture, content, and design to help your organization accomplish its goals.

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